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  • Our award winning software is used by over 250,000 students in more than 1,500 schools worldwide.

    EdWare - Know Your Ireland

    Great Features for Learning Geography
    Interactive maps, printable worksheets, scenic photos, puzzles and quizzes, audio, excellent reference material and much more.

    Interactive Whiteboard
    All our software works great with interactive whiteboards, digital projectors and any computer. - Review of Know Your IrelandRTE News Video
    Know Your World

    The all-new Know Your World 2.0 is now available. Each major geographic topic is covered: Continents, Major Cities, Oceans & Seas, Deserts, Rivers, Volcanoes and much more.

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    Know Your Ireland for iPad

    The all new Know Your Ireland for the iPad is now available. Learn all about the counties of Ireland on your iPad and challenge someone to get the highest score in the Quiz.

    Now available on the App Store.

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