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    We receive many questions by phone and e-mail which are similar, we hope to answer the most common questions here.


    Does your software need the CD-Rom to run?

    No, once our software is installed on a computer it will run directly from the computer's hard drive, no need to use the CD each time. After installing we recommend keeping the disc in a safe location.


    Does the school site license enable me to install the software on every computer?

    Yes, if you purchased the site license you can install our software on every computer in your school.

    Parents are interested in purchasing for home, how can they?

    Parents can contact us directly and purchase the home edition of our software titles at a reduced price.

    Does your software work with Windows 7?

    Yes, we have tested our latest software and they work great with Windows 7.

    Do you plan on releasing your software for Apple Mac?

    Currently, No. There are very few schools with Mac computers in Ireland at this time so we are not planning a Mac version anytime soon.

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