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    Know Your Ireland
    Know Your Ireland 3.0 is a feature packed application, some of the major features are:
    • All major Geography features
    • Learn through both English or Irish with audio
    • Extensive map based quizzes
    • Google Earth links
    • Wikipedia Links
    • Over 50 scenic photos
    • Printable class worksheets
    • Interactive County puzzles
    • User printable certificates
    • Fun and easy to use
    • User progress tracking
    • Question Quick Fire round
    • User monitoring system
    • Windows photo screensaver
    • Desktop wallpapers
    • Over 50 improvements & features
    Know Your Ireland features almost every major geographic feature of Ireland including:
    • Provinces
    • Counties
    • County Towns
    • Major Towns
    • Cities
    • Rivers
    • Mountains
    • Lakes
    • Islands
    • Bays, Peninsulas & Headlands
    • Points of Interest
    • Oceans & Seas
    Examine Menu
    Spread Puzzle of Ireland
    The users progress is recorded through Know Your Ireland and it is easy for the user and teacher to track their progress. Different colour ticks represents the users progress, green for complete, orange for attempted and none for not attempted.

    Printable worksheets are included, great for classroom use and for homework assignments. Solutions of all the worksheets are also included for quick corrections.

    Know Your Ireland features direct links to Google Earth for a detailed satellite view of each topic, plus a direct link from each feature to the excellent free on-line encyclopedia Wikipedia.

    Many More Features are included throughout our software including; user tracking and progress, audio narration, detailed maps, printable certificates, spelling drawers, game timers, scoreboard, QuickFire round for fast testing, advance control panel, and much more.

    Admin Control Panel
    The Control Panel is available with the School Site License Only. Some of the features include: installation on multiple computers, custom quizzes, edit feature names, unlimited users log-in, user groups, advance user management, game options, printable progress reports and more.
    Admin Control Panel
    Control Panel User Progress
    More than 50 scenic photo
    Know Your Ireland features over 50 photographs of scenic areas throughout Ireland, enhancing the learning experience for students and helps them associate geographic locations with actual photos of the location.
    Over 50 Scenic Photos of Ireland
    Over 50 Improvements & New Features
    We worked very hard to ensure that Know Your Ireland 3.0 was our best release ever and we are glad to announce that the new version includes over fifty new features and improvements. View all 50 here.

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