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    Know Your Ireland

    After careful consideration and research a novel learning concept was developed for all our geography software. The learning concept developed divided learning into three steps. These steps allow the user to learn at their own pace, the three levels are:

    Study Your Ireland - A valuable reference resource.
    Quiz Your Ireland - A point and click style quiz.
    Examine Your Ireland - An exam of all the topics.


    Study Section
    The Study Section is a valuable reference area and is ideal for the user to study and revise each topic. Detailed information on each feature is provided including audio pronunciation of each feature. The Study Section enables the user to have a clear understanding of each geographic feature before proceeding to the Quiz and Examine sections.

    New in Version 3.0 - The Study area of Know Your Ireland has been greatly improved and now provides a description of each feature of Ireland and over fifty scenic photos are included too. Each of these descriptions can easily be expanded by our direct link to, the free online encyclopedia. We also encourage schools in Ireland to become actively involved in Wikipedia and update local information on the free encyclopedia so it is available to all.

    We have also included links to each feature in Google Earth which can be installed from the preferences of Know Your Ireland. This enables you to look at each feature of Ireland in Google Earth and some in 3D too, a fantastic feature. Google is always improving Google Earth, it is available as a free download from

    Other improvements include: updated maps of each county, repeat audio pronunciation by clicking on the features text, quick facts on each topic displayed, map scale presented on map, option to overlay regions and zoom for a topographic satellite view.

    About Ireland - Study Section
    Dublin - Study Section


    Quiz Section
    This section of Know Your Ireland is an area where the student is presented with a guided approach to learning. The student takes the knowledge gained from the study section and puts it into practice.

    The Quiz Section consists of a point and click style quiz of each of the topics, this involves direct map interaction with the mouse. The quiz is helpful and corrects the user in real time if they make an error, and shows them where they made this error. This process is illustrated in the screen shots below, the student is asked to click on Co. Louth (Step 1). If the user does not click on the correct county, they are given a hint, for example Co. Louth is the smallest country in Ireland (Step 2). If the student answers the question incorrect again, the student is shown where the county is on the map, highlighted in blue (Step 3). This independent learning enables the user to learn from their own mistakes and continue with the learning process in confidence.

    Step 1
    Step 2
    Step 3
    New in Version 3.0 - The Quiz area of Know Your Ireland, previously known as the Teach section has been completely redesigned to make it easier to use and more affective at teaching. The Quiz now includes an optional timer which will record the time of each user and keep a scoreboard of the best times and score.


    Examine Section
    In the Examine Section of Know Your Ireland the user is presented with an exam of all the topics. This tests the knowledge the user has acquired so far. This section requests the user to type in the correct answer of the feature highlighted on the map. This requires the user to know the correct spelling of each feature. The student is not prompted if they make a mistake, all the answers are recorded and the student can review their progress at the end of the exam. To help an optional Spelling Drawer can also be displayed during the exam.

    At the end of each exam, the users results are displayed and if they have achieved more than 40% a certificate can be printed with their name and achievement. If the user scores below 40% they can print a worksheets to help them score higher next time.

    The results of each exam are stored in the Know Your Ireland database so they or their teacher can keep a track of the progress.

    Examine Provinces Section
    Examine Rivers Section
    New in Version 3.0 - The Examine area of Know Your Ireland now includes an optional Spelling Drawer which is a great way to learn the correct spelling of each feature. The printable certificate have been updated, and if the user does not gain a high enough score they can print a worksheet to help them next time.


    Puzzle Section
    The Puzzle Section of Know Your Ireland presents users with a virtual jigsaw of all the counties of Ireland. To complete the puzzle all the counties must be positioned correctly on the map, once all are in place the game is complete. The puzzle is a is great way to learn the location of each county and their size in relation to each other.

    There are two different types of Puzzle: Flip Puzzle & Spread Puzzle. It is also possible to show and hide the guides for each county making the puzzle more difficult.

    The Flip Puzzle presents each piece one at a time and says the name of each county. The user can use the mouse to flip through the pieces to find the right one and then drag and drop it to the correct position using the mouse. If the county is placed in the correct location it will snap into position, if it is not, it will spring back to the stack.

    The Spread Puzzle randomly spreads the pieces out around the screen and the user must then place each puzzle in the correct position, each time the user plays the pieces will be in a different position. When you drag and drop the piece to the correct location it will snap into position and change colour, if it is not, it will not change colour.

    You can also keep track of your fastest time, each time you complete the puzzle your fastest time will be added to the scoreboard.

    Puzzle of Ireland - Flip
    Puzzle of Ireland - Spread
    New in Version 3.0 - The puzzle section has been completely redesigned to be easier to use. There is now a timer which keeps track of users times and displays them in a scoreboard. The map is also bigger too making it easier to use.

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