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    Our software is available to purchase as a School Site License which enables our software to be used and installed throughout a school.


    Our software is compatible with all Interactive Whiteboard and works great with them.

    The Control Panel is only available with the School Site License Edition of our software. The main features of the Control Panel are outlined below.

    Custom Quizzes, you can select which feature you want in each quiz and exam. So if you only want your class to learn about the cities of Ireland, just select them and create a custom quiz. Or if you want to concentrate on the counties of Northern Ireland, select them and make a custom quiz. You can also force the quiz so your students have to take the custom quiz.

    Edit Feature Names, Hints & Tips, this is great for creating your own hints ideal for editing our software to suit your local area. We also provide instructions for recording your own audio for Know Your Ireland, all you need is a microphone and audio editing software.

    User Groups, have a computer room which is shared among all students, create Groups of students for each class.

    Know Your Ireland - Control Panel
    Know Your Ireland - Teacher Section
    Admin Control Panel
    Control Panel User Progress
    User Progress & Scoreboards, it is now possible to view and print a report of students progress, we have also added a scoreboard so you can check the top and bottom students at a quick glance.

    Advance User Management
    , even easier to edit, delete and add students to Know Your Ireland.

    Even more Game Options, want to check for capital spellings, disable students from creating accounts, enable the game timer, hide the name of each county in the puzzle, disable web links, disable printing all this and more can now be enabled or disabled through our improved game options.

    Remember the School Site License can be installed on an unlimited number of computers at your school including each teachers home computer.

    School Site Licence Definition
    A site licence allows unlimited use of a software program throughout the school. Our school site licences also enable staff of the school to install our software on their home computers.

    The illegal copying of software programs is a crime!


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