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  • Know Your World 2.0 - Features

    Know Your Ireland

    Know Your World 2.0 is packed with great new features, some of the highlights include:

    • All new look, even easier to use.
    • Excellent satellite photographs of the world.
    • Interactive whiteboard support built-in.
    • Hundreds of photos from around the world.
    • Updated content, plus lots of new content.
    • Enhanced student tracking.
    • All new games, quizzes and study areas.
    • Over 10,000 words of detailed learning material.
    • Features all 196 countries of the world.
    • Works great with all versions of Windows.
    Study Continents
    Checks Spelling As You Type

    A large collection of printable worksheets are also included for each topic in Know Your World. These can be printed and are ideal for classroom work or homework exercises.

    We have also included a collection of Google Earth links so you can explore each feature further in 3D.


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